"Assisted living provides independence and freedom with individualized care"
Our parents want their independence and want to live their own lives as they see fit, yet they may need a little help to remain as independent as possible. If your elderly parent is in relatively good health and doesn't need a lot of assistance with every day tasks, an assisted living facility is a terrific option. The Laurelhurst House lifestyle offers an actively engaging atmosphere that offers everyone opportunities to participate in a variety of life enriching activities to stimulate the mind, body and soul.
Who needs assisted living?
active living for a
healthy life
No matter how slow our elders go, they are still lapping everybody on the couch. Our life enrichment managers will get your loved ones in shape with exercise, fitness and wellness programs. We believe health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine.
social activities
every day
It's hard not to have a great time when you're surrounded by enthusiastic loving people. Our assisted living community offers daily social, cultural and recreational activities to motivate and inspire our elderly residents. Promoting an active and healthy life is one of our everyday goals
their vote is their
Every resident at Laurelhurst House has a say in what food they're eating, what activities they're doing and what entertainment they're enjoying inside and outside the facility. Our senior care residents formed a resident council that votes on these and many other popular topics.
Freedom To Enjoy Life
Living at home alone can often be lonely and isolating. Being stuck at home without frequent visits from a family member or a caretaker will often make an elderly parent feel trapped and can burden them with daily responsibilities. A good assisted living community like Laurelhurst House will give your senior parent much more freedom than they have in their own home because many of their day to day responsibilities are taken care of by the facility. There is no perfect plan for all elders, but we can work with you to come up with a plan that builds trust and can give your parent that freedom they desire.